Sound Effects - Sonosounds apk

Sound Effects - Sonosounds apk

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Oct. 12, 2016
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App by Pro Vobis Apps
Content Rating Rated for 12+
App Updated Oct. 12, 2016
Apk Version 1.1.9
Category Entertainment
Android OS Version 4.0 and up
App Apk Size 24M


Sound Effects - Sonosounds is a Entertainment app developed by Pro Vobis Apps. We only share original APK files. You can download and install the latest version of Sound Effects - Sonosounds APK from our direct download link. Please note that we only offer the latest version of the app and don't offer any older version. Sound Effects - Sonosounds is a trademark and property of Pro Vobis Apps. If you have any problems regarding the Sound Effects - Sonosounds APK download, please contact us.

PLAY, SHARE AND MAKE/MIX YOUR OWN SOUND EFFECTS!SET SOUNDS AS RINGTONES, NOTIFICATION TONES OR ALARM TONES!IT’S ESPECIALLY FUNNY AND ENTERTAINING FOR KIDS AND TEENAGERS.HQ SOUNDSWith 215 free HQ sound effects and 295 in total, divided into 10 categories (Human, Animals, Nature, Musical instruments, Mechanical and tools, Weapons, Horror, Alphabet & numbers and More sounds and Even more sounds), Sonosounds can surely entertain you and your kids. Play these various HQ sounds in different situations and make people laugh, confused or even annoyed, or share them through WhatsApp/Viber/Messenger or other chat or similar types of apps. Either way, you're to be entertained, because what you get with Sonosounds is not only a standard "Press to play" soundboard application, but also many other features listed further below.FLUID FUNCTIONALITYTouch the sounds and the response is immediate. Each sound effect is played right after the touch, and you don't have to wait for it to finish before playing it again or playing other sounds. This enables you to "maltreat" any one of them with repeatedly touching it. Sounds are accessed fast through categories or through the Search button. All of the features of our app are easily, intuitively discovered and there is even the HELP button to explain every feature.UNIQUE DESIGNHigh-quality work has been put into graphically designing Sonosounds, to make it a full-package soundboard app. Every category and every sound effect have their own uniquely designed icon, so as to further associate with the sounds you play and to make the whole experience pleasing to your eyes. The original prevailing colors of our application are varieties of blue, but you can also change these if you decide to, by finding Sonosounds' in-app purchases inside the EXTRAS in initial menu.FEATURESSonosounds offers you many features:* Play 215 HQ sounds divided into 8 categories for free;* Set them as ringtones, notification tones or alarm tones;* Share them with friends through Viber/WhatsApp/Messenger or similar kinds of apps;* Make sounds as favorites, which are then accessed even easier through FAVORITES in initial menu of the application;* Make/mix your own sounds through the ability to merge/combine as many sounds as you like in whichever order you like. You can even select one sound more times when making your mix. These are saved in MY SOUNDS in initial menu;* Edit your sounds in MY SOUNDS (rename them, add, discard any sound or change the order in which they're played);* Easily access any sound through the fast-responding Search button that gives you all the options you have when accessing them through CATEGORIES in initial menu;* Access HELP in initial menu where every feature is explained in detail and in different languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Serbian and Arabic.IN-APP PURCHASESSonosounds gives you even more with these in-app purchases:* 2 additional categories (More sounds and Even more sounds), each containing 40 HQ sounds, which are bought separately;* ability to change the skin of the app to 4 different colors, which are bought separately;* a color palette which enables you to make your own skin color and apply it;* ad-free app;* the PREMIUM version of Sonosounds which gives you ALL of the above mentioned (2 categories, 4 skin colors, the color palette and ad-free app).New HQ sound effects will be implemented soon.Stay tuned and have fun!

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