Superbuy购物(dotdotbuy)-淘宝代购平台 apk

Superbuy购物(dotdotbuy)-淘宝代购平台 apk

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April 10, 2017
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App by Superbuy
Content Rating Everyone
App Updated April 10, 2017
Apk Version 5.10.0
Category Shopping
Android OS Version 4.1 and up
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Package com.ddt.dotdotbuy


Superbuy购物(dotdotbuy)-淘宝代购平台 is a Shopping app developed by Superbuy. We only share original APK files. You can download and install the latest version of Superbuy购物(dotdotbuy)-淘宝代购平台 APK from our direct download link. Please note that we only offer the latest version of the app and don't offer any older version. Superbuy购物(dotdotbuy)-淘宝代购平台 is a trademark and property of Superbuy. If you have any problems regarding the Superbuy购物(dotdotbuy)-淘宝代购平台 APK download, please contact us.

dotdotbuy正式更名为Superbuy,全新打造,立即下载体验!-----About us-----Superbuy全球购物平台,一站式为海外用户代购淘宝、天猫、京东等网站商品。创始人及CEO贡海星,曾为腾讯QQ创始股东之一,腾讯首位“终身荣誉顾问”。您可以使用Paypal、支付宝、国际信用卡等付款;支持运送至200多个国家,Superbuy让你身在海外也能轻松买到中国商品!-----功能介绍-----代购平台:一键代购淘宝、天猫、京东等10多家国内电商平台,服务费0元;国际转运:最快3天到达,提供180天超长免费仓储;自营商城:囊括中国精品,直发海外,方便快捷;订单管理:了解订单进度,包裹实时查询,一切尽在掌握;交流社区:分享生活点滴,交流购物心得。-----与我们联系-----服务热线:+86-755-33085566服务邮箱: [email protected] dotdotbuy officially renamed Superbuy, the new building, and immediately download experience!----- About us -----Superbuy global shopping platform, one-stop purchasing Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong and other sites commodities for overseas users. Founder and CEO Gonghai star, who Tencent, one of the founding shareholders of QQ, Tencent's first "Lifetime Honorary Advisor." You can use Paypal, Alipay, international credit card payment; support delivered to more than 200 countries, Superbuy let you living abroad can easily buy Chinese goods!-----Features-----Purchasing platform: a key purchasing Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong, more than 10 domestic electronic business platform, service charges 0 yuan;International transport: the fastest three days to arrive, 180-days long free storage;Self Mall: include Chinese fine, straight hair overseas, convenient and quick;Order Management: Understanding the order progress, real-time query package, everything is under control;AC Community: Share life as it happens, exchange shopping experience.-----contact us-----Hotline: + 86-755-33085566Service E-mail: [email protected] website:

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